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Jessica's boring life...
So. I'm avoiding reading for my religion test that is in like 13 hours because at this moment in time I could not care less about what it means to be a Zoroastrian or Jew. Now, I do have a generalized interest in other religions of the world but as soon as I'm going to be tested on that interest, I'm suddenly not interested at all. So this is me wasting some more of my "study" time.

I've had a very productive but boring week. With the exception of yesterday. We had no school on Monday as it was snow frolic (aka President's Day in the real world) in Walla Walla world so that meant that I only had class on Tuesday which was very nice because I have 6 hours of class on Mondays. Anyhow, so last weekend I was in good ole Walla Walla with ma famille. Mom, Lauren, and I came back on Sunday afternoon and hung out and it was nice to be around my family again. Then on Monday we met Kevin at the airport! It was a great moment. I'm so glad my brother is on the mainland again, I didn't like that whole tropical island thing. And he's back for good too. So is Heather. So I spent the day with Kevin and the Fairbankses (not all of them, 5 of her siblings couldn't make it, but the other 5 were here). It was fun and cold. Then began my productiveness. I wrote half of my religion paper. Then on Tuesday I had lame lame classes, then work, where I was even more productive because I finished the rest of my religion paper (save the last paragraph). Then the productiveness continued on Wednesday when I finished pretty much everything else I had to do for the rest of the quarter (except the family paper and the research proposal). Then much to my surprise this streak continued through Thursday which was the day that I wrote my entire family paper. And it was in this paper that I'm impressed myself by giving a detailed description of the anatomy and physiology of the heart and then how that all went wrong with transposition of the great vessels. Then Friday I had clinical all day in NICU, which was fun, but a little sad. There are so many sick babies in the world. Then after that I went shopping with Lauryn downtown and managed to not spend money. But then I did spend money later when Kelsey, Lauryn and I decided to go to the fabric depot to buy fabric to make skirts. Which occupied us nearly all day Saturday. Then we occupied ourselves with cupcake making while watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2, which was a cute movie.

Thus brings us to today where I have done nothing except avoid reading religion stuff and chatting with the cafeteria lady.

So I just realized how boring and lame my life is.

Oh well.

By the by, no more boyfriend pour la jessicky. And she is not sad. She is in fact feeling better now than she has in a long time.


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