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A New Beginning
So I've been reading the thoughts and feelings of my 16 year old self and I'm still fundamentally the same person. While I've definitely grown up a lot since then. It's a little strange to go back and read the things I wrote and look at surveys I took. I remember things so differently now. Honestly I'm a little embarassed that these exist for pretty much anyone to read, but I guess no one would really care enough to read them. I think it's good to have some sort of documentation for your life and for me, this is it.

So I won't bother with a catch up note and I'll start with today. Today has been a little rough. My laptop died, well, probably just the hard drive. But that's truly the worst. I'm losing pictures (most are backed up somewhere) and I'll have to redo all my music. I'm most distressed about losing my excell file keeping track of my finances and my story and my comments. I deleted my MySpace and in doing so I realized that I have a lot of good friends and they say really amazing things sometimes and I like having a tangible thing to remind me of this when I'm feeling lonely. And all that is gone. But really, it's ok because what really matters are the actual people in my life right now. Like my awesome friend Melissy, who knows me so well she always manages to make me feel better with just a little perspective. And my mom, who knows when to hug me and for exactly how long and my amazing sister
who is just awesome in her 18 year old way.
Right now I'm trying to get over this hump I've been trying to get over forever. A problem that has gotten worse over time. And I think that it's time for me to stop playing it safe and actually do something. So here is my vow to myself, I will put myself out there and try to make something happen.

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Sisters are generally pretty awesome in their own ways. Mine are quite different from me. Yay livejournal postings!! Now I'm going to go stalk your 16-year-old self and possibly my own 16-year-old self as well.

Well then I may just have to stalk your 16-year-old self... So there.

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