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a survey... 5 years later
So I posted this little gem July 21, 2004. Here is a mature, revised edition.


Things I love

1. James Morrison (and the girls)
2. my family
3. sweet watermelon
4. sunshine
5. TV
6. exercising my creativity
7. my bed

Things I hate

1. how cold my house is
2. debt
3. lettuce
4. people who treat the people I love like crap
5. fat
6. annoying people
7. realizing that I am sometimes an annoying person

Things in my room

1. lovely queen-sized bed
2. my dad's dresser
3. letters and drawings from high school/college friends
4. DVDs
5. all my shoes
6. a wonderful army trunk
7. a space heater

Things to do before death

1. have a baby
2. pay off all my debts
3. experience old age
4. surf
5. run/walk a marathon
6. take the stairs up the Eiffel tower
7. kiss SS (either SS being a metaphor or the actual boy)

Things I can do

1. scrub a c-section
2. take a serious tumble and get right back up and keep going
3. knit
4. run a mile in a reasonable amount of time
5. make a dress
6. math
7. mediate

Things I can't do

1. snowboard with falling a lot
2. the electric slide
3. eliminate excess sugar from my diet
4. commit
5. figure out how to load a suture for a lefty
6. get everything I need from the store in one trip
7. go out in public without a shower

Things that attract you to the opposite sex

1. an endearing smile
2. creativity
3. the way they smell
4. a good face
5. their voice
6. their strength
7. a muscular back

Top movies

1. Legends of the Fall
2. Wicker Park
3. Away We Go
4. Fantastic Mr. Fox
5. Gone with the Wind
6. Mean Girls
7. Match Point

Things you say most

1. seriously?
2. damn.
3. I can't hear you?
4. how are you doing?
5. so lots of pressure...
6. lata!
7. so is this a girl baby or boy baby?

And there you have it....


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