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to keep with a theme... its been a long time
So writing is thearpuetic or something...

Somewhere along the way my life got boring. I'm bored at least. I think it happened when I agreed to be in a semi-serious (or serious) relationship and then moved to Portland. I never do anything anymore. Except shopping, I seem to do too much of that. You'd think that being in a big city I would have plenty to do and would keep super busy. But not so much. Instead I go to school, I go to clinicals, I go to work. That's it. It doesn't really help much that the boyfriend is in Seattle. I think that my problem is two-fold. 1. Boyfriend means no dating. And 2. Nursing school means seeing the same 100 people ALL the time. Actually there is a 3. I live in the effing dorm, which means I see the same 6 people EVERYWHERE I go...even the bathroom, and I don't even like to see my own self in the bathroom.

That said, I'm going to develop a "Spice up my life Plan". I'm not really sure what it will entail at this point, but I do know that there needs to be someone hot involved.

Also I've started going to the gym and I've realized that the only people who go to the gym are overweight sad looking people. Except the people in the special classes, they looked alive and happy. I'm going to get myself into one of those. Who knew, I'm one of those people who says things like "I've got to get to my class at the gym" and "oh, I'm on my way to the gym" and "I just had a really good workout at the gym". Personally I'm a bit disappointed in myself... although I guess its an excuse to get a cute outfit. And if I can lose my extra fat I'm going to reward myself with a trip to California or Hawaii, depending on which goal I reach. Looks like I'm spicing my life up already.

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So two comments:

1) The hot person involved in your plan could of course just be you, particularly with the whole gym plan.

2) Instead of California or Hawaii, you should of course come to France.

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