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Today I feel like quitting school again. It sucks. Both the feeling and what's causing the feeling. And everyone keeps saying "oh, its just one more year". But guess what, its like running a marathon. You start out and you're like "this is going to be long, hard, and probably painful, but its going to feel really good when its over". Then by mile 10 you're starting to feel a little tired, you slow down a bit and you start "stopping" at all of the water tables. Then by about mile 20 you're exhausted, but you've gone so far and you're so close that you just keep pushing on. Then you get to mile 25 and you've used up all of your energy and you really want to keep running but you really really can't, so you start walking. Then about 25 feet from the finish line you have a stroke and its all over. I'm at mile 25, I'm moving at a slow walk and I'm feeling a stroke coming on, but I'm 4000 feet from the finish line, not 25.

So this is a short comeback entry to livejournal. But there will be more, as writing is my catharsis. Here's to hoping there is no stroke until after the finish line.


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