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The annual Christmas List
In keeping with tradition....

Christmakkah gifts from Lauren:
2 Holly Hobby Christmas glasses
3 rolls of lick and stick ribbon
1 Santa egg
1 tin full of peppermint patties
1 magnetic mosaic car kit
1 AE blue plaid travel organizer
1 pair of blue tights

Christmas Eve gifts from mom or (who):
VCR/DVD player (Kevin)
Friends: The Complete 3rd Season (Alex)
Toaster (Lauren)
set of glass mixing bowls
exercise ball
red patterned novelty throw
long brown Gap coat
AE cardigan
vegetable peeler

Christmas gifts from the Rowell clan:
Checkers/Tic-Tac-Toe Hershey's style
Caligraphy kit
car blanket
first aid kit (for the car)
window cleaner (for the car)
grater with chopper
cooling racks (stackable)
Mandoline slicer
flashlights (for the car)

Post-Christmas price-adjustment refund gifts:
The Office: The Complete 3rd Season
$32 for whatever

Happy Christmas.


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